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And now we support virtual events and live streaming too.
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High end laptop supply and support

Buy a laptop from us with a fully functioning show image already installed. 

A new string to the bow, we are looking at supplying our live events trade with high end laptops already imaged by us so on delivery, take them out the box and send them straight to work. 
Laptop types will be limited to what we find works and holds up to knocks so that's Dell Precision's, Razor Blades and Asus Tuf books. Other models may be available depending on demand.

Smartwifi supplying new laptops

rental laptops

new rental laptops available now 

meet our new Razor Blade rental laptops. Gen 10 i7 processors, NVIDIA RTX 2070/3060 Gfx cards, AC WiFi adapters. All available with our generic or customer modified images.

Razor Gaming laptops ready for rental

SRT encoders and decoders

high quality video over IP 

Our protocol of choice for video over IP. SRT optimises streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over the worst networks. Perfect for studio to control room links.

SRT video over IP calls

lots of live callers

32x way live caller setup 

32x concurrent vmixcalls each output to SDI as a full 1080p video signal while each callers audio was sent individually to the sound desk. Virtual green rooms allowed us to handle the callers before sending them live.

Multi Vmixcall rack with SDI outputs

live streaming

unlimited live streaming 

unlimited live streaming production service for your events. 
Live Q&A, graphics, polls and moderated audience chat.
We can embed direct on your website or create a frontend  and publish to Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn all at the same time.

Multi Language Webcast Streams

bonded internet connections

superfast temporary internet anywhere upto 300Mbps 

we have just doubled out superfast bonded internet solution speed again. We can now bring you speeds up to 300Mbps of internet data near enough anywhere in the UK for your live streaming service. 

Superfast bonded internet connections

4k and 8k servers

vMix and Wirecast rental servers 

bring in multiple 4k and 8k SDI vido feeds and multiple NDI at the same time. Use the software to its full potential with our servers, ideal to fill in the gap in your own webcasting studio. 

vmix and wirecast streaming servers to rent

bonded cellular internet connections

temporary internet anywhere up to 150Mbps 

a big issue with remote video conferencing in most venue and AV locations is the network infrastructure just can’t handle the bandwidth required for a successful event. we can join cellular networks and venue internet connections to get speeds up to 150Mbps, fast enough for dozens of remote video calls and webcasting streams all at the same time.

4g cellular bonding

live streaming

html5 ssl live streaming for your events 

when we webcast or live stream your event, this is what we use to broadcast to your viewers. Check out our demo page to see how your conference will look in our html5 player. 

use our player to cast the live stream using chromecast or airplay, or share the link across popular social media sites like facebook, twitter and linkedIn all within the player.

live stream demo to show smartwifi player

virtual conferenceing

virtual conferencing and meeting rooms 

interactive virtual meetings using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. Let us manage your event and live stream it to a much bigger audience. For bigger events we can provide a technician at each venue with dedicated video conferencing hardware to make the conference run as smoothly as possible.

Virtual Conference and Events Streaming


embedded multi-language webstreaming 

We can embed multiple languages direct from the translators in real time onsite to keep the video sync as close as possible. Your international viewers just choose which language they want to hear while watching the event.

Multi Language Webcast Streams

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