Demo Webcasting Stream

Use this page to test our demo stream. Try it on your PC and mobile devices.

About our web streaming

Full HD secure SSL streams 

Once we have setup our webcasting equipment onsite and have started streaming your event, below is the player your delegates will see.  Have a scroll down and view it on any device you like to test.

Full HD secure SSL streams using the fastest HTML5 video player on the web. Live stream to any device. 

You can embed the player in your own website or we can host it for you.

Easily and seamlessly scale to any size audience, through a global content delivery network. Our basic conference package is suitable for upto 1000 viewers at a competitive cost.

Deliver your content across all devices with optimal quality delivery to any screen size.

Broadcast your live event on a custom built low latency network, designed for streaming.

From setup to integration to monitoring and maintenance, your live event is fully managed and supported by a team of experts, available 24/7.

PAY-PER-VIEW Generate pay-per-view or subscription based revenue by restricting your video content to viewers with paid access. Our player seamlessly integrates with Cleeng.

By default, your livestreamed event is viewable by anyone who can access the player. Each live stream that we produce, however, can be password-protected with a password of your choosing.

This password is stored securely and never stored as plain text.

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