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Live stream 16x speakers and communicate via multiple venues in real time

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Virtual Conferences

Let us host and manage your virtual events. We can collaborate with as many speakers and guests as necessary to replicate your real-life event. We re-broadcast your event using our own Wowza or Vimeo servers to unlimited viewers worldwide in as real time as possible on any device, on any internet connection. Our adaptive rates mean you will always get the best quality streams available for your virtual conference.

SmartWifi Virtual Conferences

We host the virtual conference from our premises. No need for anyone to move or meet anywhere. No need for specialised video conferencing hardware either. Just download the app using your laptop, tablet or phone and input the ID key to join. Simple.

We have 2x 100mbit fibre lines as the backbone of our events.  This is more than enough bandwidth for us to manage the virtual connections and the full HD webcast stream direct to our Wowza servers based in the Amazon Cloud.

We will work with you a few weeks before the event is to go live to make it run as smooth as possible. Simple things like arranging a test call to each speaker in turn to make sure they are fully comfortable with presenting in this format. It also gives us a chance to make sure your speakers equipment is suitable and we get the best possible image before going live.
It doesn’t happen often but if the speaker’s device isn't suitable, we can help fix things remotely or ship you one of our virtual conference laptops with PTZ camera to use.

This is the easy bit, the hard work was done during the previous week.

Each speaker for the virtual conference will be email a link to join us.

Follow the link, enter the ID key and off we go. No time or data limits.

If you are having trouble on the day, we can remote onto your laptop to help fix the issue. 

We host the virtual conference and will be there physically watching live and staying in touch for the duration of the event. You will not be left alone.
We will switch between the presenters as necessary when it’s their turn to present. We will follow your programme guide and give plenty of time to answer questions and just go with the flow of the virtual conference controlling it in the same way as we would a real live conference.

The webcast link will be available for you to embed into your own website or we can host a branded landing page you can share with your attendees. The webcast will start around 15mins prior to the virtual conference giving everyone time to tune in.

If your speakers don’t want to present live and have a pre-recorded video presentation then pop it over to use, we can drop that seamlessly into the webcast and the viewers will see this exactly as expected. 

To make the conference as user friendly and accessible as possible we host it on our own streaming servers based in the Amazon Cloud system, or on paid for hosting with dedicated streaming providers.

The webcast is sent as a full HD video from our unit direct to teh streaming server and from there it is transcoded for differing quality playback streams. Simply put it will work on any device that wants to watch the stream, and every person watching will get the best possible viewing experience for the speed of their internet connection.

Don’t worry if you turn up late to the virtual conference, you can rewind live to catch up with the bits you missed or as its all recorded you can watch the full event at a later date.

If you want to make the event secure, we can password protect the stream and you distribute the password to just those whom you wish to view it. 

Questions to speakers can be submitted via a chat box or privately using an email form embedded on the landing page

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Virtual Conferences

As mentioned above we try do this all virtually. Sometimes that's not possible if the client hasn't got suitable equipment or a fast internet connection.
If this happened, we have remote camera kits we can post out or operate. If, unfortunately have a not great internet connection a technician can install a temporary bonded 4g solution at your site. 

SmartWifi Virtual Conferences camera setup

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Remote Speakers

Up to 16x remote speakers can be included in the webcast. Each speaker logs into our live platform and then opens PowerPoint or keynote on their own laptop. The presenter has full control of their presentation and can operate as if they were speaking at a lectern.
In July 2020, we will be able to provide 48x live peer to peer video conference slots for speakers and hosts to join. 

Virtual Speakers up to 16x

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Virtual Layouts

When the conference is live, we can add any prebuilt information on our tiles. You can have all 16x speakers, advertising banners, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. The options are nearly limitless, you are only restricted by the physical size of the screen. We build the templates before the virtual conference so we are ready to go. If you have a design team, we will work with them to make your branding consistent with your other advertising. As each speaker joining us is equivalent of a camera input, we are free to move, resize and edit the shot as necessary to fit in with layout designs.

virtual speakers and power point mixed

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Virtual Presentations

If you have a remote speaker who can't travel to your office, and you also need to web present the meeting to hundreds or thousands of web viewers, we can do that. One of our technicians will go to your office with camera and microphone equipment, and dial back to us. The remote speaker will also dial into us and a large group call will be created, allowing real time chat and questions between everyone presenting.

SmartWifi Virtual Conferences

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Virtual Venues

Moving up a level, this is where we do things that zoom and similar apps cannot. The example to the right shows 6x speakers that can be anywhere in the world, and us operating cameras from 2 venues. This can be any combination of venues, speakers and presentation slides. It just has to fit on the screen tile.
Speakers, venues, audience can all ask questions in real time to each other and we will stream this to an internet audience in the thousands, if required.

Our live platform is built ready to run, because of the complexity of organising speakers, venues and testing before the event goes live, it's better to get us involved sooner than later wherever possible.

SmartWifi Virtual Conferences

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