32x way live Virtual Conference Call Rack

We built it, its tested and fully functional. Was 24x callers now 32x callers and growing to even more it appears...

About our systems

up to 32x live HD conference call systems 


We have built a reliable 32x way live conference call system for UK conferences and events. We can host and manage the whole production at our warehouse, or if you need us onsite we can easily setup at your event location.

We can bring up to 24 internet speakers into a single call, mix and manage then output to our web streaming services. Or if you have your own virtual studio we can output all speakers via NDI, SDI or HDMI to your AV equipment.

Speakers can use our Internet PowerPoint Presenter to instantly forward and reverse their slides using their mobile phones giving them full control.
From our side when the speaker uses our phone app, both the main and backup laptops follow the speakers actions.

Not enough bandwidth for 32x live HD calls at your premises? We can fix that. Check out our bonded internet connections built for this purpose here 

our vMix Racks

in use on an event to generate 20 channels of NDI video for the event companies Ascender.

Vmix Racks in use at Cue.events

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